Bleach Episode 9: The Drop

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This episode is pretty chill at first, but it starts getting really good near the end. We get a lot of information this episode.

Ichigo really built different; he broke Tenjiro's hand while taking that blow. Renji surviving is plot armor lol, but then again, he is actually pretty strong as well. I liked how the first thing Shunsui does as head captain is get Zaraki ready, he knows that they need him, or they would get utterly destroyed.

Kirio's transformation is definitely going to get her a lot of fans now, but it's cool that she was the one who invented the concept of a mod soul. Their training is going from fixing their bodies to increasing their strength, and now they will go and fix their swords/reforge it.

The Unohana and Zaraki fight is starting off really good, Zaraki started off without the eyepatch and is still getting folded. I see what Unohana is going though, she's putting him on the verge of death and healing him right after.

So, while he unconsciously restricted himself, he's also getting stronger at the same time. When a soul is close to death, their spiritual energy increases, so all these moments close to death not only unlocks his restrictions, but they also make him stronger by increasing his spiritual energy.
Overall, it's a decent episode, but the next episode is definitely going to be a banger with that fight.

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Great episode! Really nice details on things like Kyoraku's closeups and the food in Gatonden.

I can't believe we're already at Unohana v Kenpachi! It's one of my all-time favorite scenes! Vol 59 is always on my top shelf and literally makes me bawl like a baby every time. There's so much unspoken between them, and the longing for battle, the longing for each other, Ken's naivete and ignorance, Unohana's poise, the fact that they've been waiting for this for so long! I don't know why people watch Lifetime movies-- just read Bleach instead :goyea:

I hope their battle is spread out over several episodes, since it took almost the whole volume to finish it.

I thought we'd get to see Oetsu this time, but it's cool if the anime takes its time at the Soul King Palace. There's a lot of new info, especially from Oetsu, so they shouldn't rush it.

Definitely gonna watch this episode a few more times. Kinda sucks that they reused frames for the Unohana flashback part, but I'm sure we'll get to see some fresh animation for other flashbacks coming up.

Excellent episode, personally I liked the shading of the animation for the fight. It was suitable considering the environment and it highlighted that evil look in Unohana's face.

The Kon moments are gold. I wouldn't mind a comedy filler episode of Kon running around the soul king palace. Just add the other idiot with the weird laugh and we have best comedy relief for one episode lmao.