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Barring obvious choices like Reborn or Hime

I'm thinking UwU, YoTanWa, and Sallucon

From what I've see UwU has kinda been that itch in the back of our minds, somethin that a lot of fellas feel is potentially scum but with bigger fish coming by there hasn't been much room to focus on it.

Looking through the player list the energy from Yo and Sallu's spots stood out to me. I did some digging and Yo has been pretty much invisible. He comes in to add a bit of contributions then he slips through the cracks.

With Sallu they have felt like a real fly on the wall as well. I feel that along with Yo they've been real fly on the walls and not a lot of people are taking notice of them.

I have never been a vig before but if I was I would tend to avoid taking risky shots at bigger names cause of the higher risk of hitting vital town members. I think with taking shots like these it means town does not have to spend time and focus on solving those slots.
Yes, these are decent vig slots. I think Sallucion should be least priority as apparently another player (Lind) is vouching for him.

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Tell me how it’s off without vaguely shading I’ve “not been helpful”
I m openly calling you scum that's not shading

you haven't done anything noteworthy this game
Also, I saw you say I was ignoring stuff. What stuff and why don’t you ask me about it if you think I’m ignoring it lol?
you aren't considering all possibilities which you always do prif

your game is off you can't deny it
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