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There's no "Tina!"
Sill don't know what that was about :suresure:
I actually had a theory about this:

Aizen is searching for the Hogyouku which is in Rukia in the SS arc. If this game is based heavily around flavor, he essentially needs to find Rukia to obtain the Hogyouku.

I think that energy that was radiating from you means that Rukia might have visited you or something like that. So that WU was a hint for the purple mafia team I think.

So I don't think we should speculate about who Rukia is.
tbh there r lots of stuff to be gleaned from day 2 EoD. for instance i dont think mango is ever gna be red since adam wanted that direction over uwu, but there certainly was resistance to him and people voting elsewhere

also i think prof is town. the nature of the claim is townie. @Dr_Professor83 please claim how u used ur actions cycle 3 and where did they appear in WU

i think we might need to policy lynch mango here
I didn’t use them last cycle, I’ve been using them at night trying to target people in POE that might get vigged

I sent in an action to disable UwU’s defenses awhile ago in case someone has a day kill now that it’s D4 tho lol.
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