Episode Discussion Bleach TYBW Episode 2: Foundation Stones

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You don't need to show it to make it a pivotal point in the narrative.

Didt say that
It just helps to have that shown due to it's importance within the plot

I said if they wanted an excuse to go to hueco mundo anything would of worked to get those ends and harribel be defeated off screen certainly was not the best method to do that.

Tai lung in kung fu panda escaping is what kicks off the plot. To not show that event ruins the narrative of the flim
Imagine if mufasa in lion king never had his death shown.

See what im getting at, you dont have core elements and plot threads just skipped over.
The reaaon why naruto can say skip edo kimimaro fight and not sage kabuto's would be one actually has plot relevance.
Ill let you guess which and for what reasons. Im sure you ether will get it 100 percent wrong or not answer

Why would Ichigo investigating Ebern make more sense than him going to help Hueco Mundo. T

Because ebern was already shown in the prior episode and as such would tied together better then niel falling out of the sky as that was not something active in the narrative until now

Bruh. Did you really just say "Ichigo is going to kick his ass whether or not they were enslaved or murdered" w

He would beat him up

If they were killed or enslaved
Ether or would of yielded the same result as already stated

Ichigo would of fought Quincy dude regardless if they were killed or kept alive as slaves.
That's my point

. He would've went to help the arrancars knowing they were enslaved because that's who he is. Chad literally said this in the episode.
Never denied that
What are you talking about?

walking in chains not have an impact, it shows similarities to Nazi Germany and the Jews walking towards concentration camps to be killed
Narrative impact not emotional impact

The death of literal noname background characters just now introduced has zero significance whatsoever to the narrative

The point of the scene was to introduce the bad guy faction of this story and at doing so. It was not the greatest at this function

Given there was not much setup from the prior episode and because there's not much investment in these characters killed

Compare to that soul society where the place was mentioned numerous times before it's direct appearance and rukia had episodes on end to setup her and ichigo's relationship. So when renji and byakuya showed up taking her away it had narrative impact as we got to know rukia by this point
Same cant be said for rando arrancar peps

Yeah he's just "some guy" right? He's the first sternritter we are introduced to and we see that he's a ruthless jailor instructed to find suitable arrancars for Yhwach's army
I said the same thing you said
Your expressing how he's ruthless by mercilessly killing fodders

Where, I said what's the point to show how evil he is.
It's the same sentiment.
He is introduced to show how evil quincy are dont even think the scene works well in that regard as yhwach merciless kills ebern and another guy which effectively also establishes the same point

I've been waiting for this as well and they are doing it well so far

I think they have done very well with the animation,soundtrack and general art design

I just have certain gripes here or there about choices made about the narrative or how some elements should be expanded