BLEACH's stage at AnimeJapan 2020!!

Can Anyone explain me this Burning Witch thing..?? And how is it connected to Bleach..??
It's set two years after the last chapter in Bleach.

It's in London, in the West Branch of Soul Socety. They aren't called Shinigami, can't remember if they have a name. They use guns instead of zanpaktou. Hollows are known as dragons, and some have been sort of tamed.


Lazy is the way
Every finish of the finale was a disaster. There was so much going on but sadly Kubo had to end it quickly due to the pressure on him. I hope the anime does them justice. Especially Captain Ukitake was so unfairly treated with his death/ sacrifice being relevant for only 2-3 pages.
Ukitake was so cool and so much hype being the first captain with Kyoraku etc but Kubo never delivered about him. Kyoraku and Ukitake respect from Kubo was day and night