Spoiler Boruto General Spoilers thread

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"Boruto General Spoilers thread"

Please use this thread to post the confirmed Baruto spoilers that you find online. You may also discuss the spoilers in this thread.

General Rules:
  • Please familiarize yourself with the "WorstGen Rules" and be sure to follow them meticulously while discussing.
  • Do not speak about the spoilers outside the given thread until the chapter comes out.
  • Do not reply or post in the thread dedicated to Spoiler Summaries and Images without providing summaries and images, discussion is done in its respective discussion thread.
  • Avoid posting links to the other sites hosting the spoilers as much as possible.
  • Avoid using spoiler images in your avatar/signature/memes until the chapter gets released
  • Avoid re-posting the content already posted in the thread dedicated to the spoiler summaries and images.

Regarding Off Topic Content:

Please be on topic with the spoiler content at hand. Off-Topic discussions that have little to nothing to do with the given Spoiler content should be avoided as much as possible and failure to do so will result in a warning at the first violation. A second violation will result in a thread-ban until the chapter comes out that given week.

DISCLAIMER: WorstGen does not create or take part in the creation of these spoilers. The spoilers are found on sources on the internet (open information) and are posted here for discussion.
Look at how pathetic Naruto and Sasuke are now. Jobbing to make Aliens look good. Losing their signature powers. STILL being bullied by the same Corrupt Politicians that caused a lot of part 1 conflicts because "yay status quo"

How disgraceful