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King has 1/3 of Kaido's bounty at best . Katakuri has 1/4 of Big Mom's , Beckmann i think is stronger than these 2 but for sure his bounty won't be 3/4 Shanks' for sure .... idk about 3/5 even ( 2,4B )

I guess , Ben's bounty will be 1/2 of Shanks'
( 2B ) at best , same for Mihawk , but if anyone were to be higher between these 2 then it's Mihawk

Maybe Mihawk's bounty will be seen next chapter since Brannew was working on it


There are no bounties in the range of 3 billions.
So I guess Luffy will be the first one in the story to have it, at least the first one to be shown
I think some will have such bounty maybe Rayleigh and some of Shanks commanders
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Mihawk is like weevil, he is solo( well, weevil has his mom but that doesn't count as crew, lol), so they will gte bounties for individual power, because boa and buggy will also get for their armies that increase their threat level and power.

weevil we know has 480m but his actions as beeting all wb allies likely increased his thread elevel and having power of young wb. so maybe 1 billion?

but mihawk that was longer around, but is not much older then weevil, and wss? we also know 1,5 b and 2,2 b are yonkous.

1 billion? less? 2 billion? 3 billion?

take your guess before it's revealed in future chapters!


Oda is going extra to mention the strength of Shanks commanders makes it obvious that they are different than other commanders , the might in the rang of 2-3 billions
Yes, we had the reveal of some really big bounties this past chapter, but we shouldn't think bounties over a billion will be normal from now on !!
A raise for Luffy to 3,5b for example is nonsense. We've got a legit Yonko in Blackbeard who is just a bit over 2b with his 2.247.600.000. Luffy won't beat Kaido or Big Mom this arc as it would put him too high in terms of power level in the story right now. He needs time to develop and he might get this development by being a formidable opponent for the Yonkos but not by beating them.
Sure Wano will be freed somehow, but more due to Kaido/Big Mom being pissed and voluntarily leaving with the goal to start the biggest war somewhere else.
Luffy's bounty EoW ->
-> and this raise is adequate! After Dressrosa we had a mere raise by 100m.

Other Straw Hats:
Zoro ->; see him beating Jack
Sanji -> 630.000.000
Franky -> 294.000.000
The other Straw Hats will get a raise by 100m.

Kid -> 1.470.000.000
Law ->
Drake -> 744.000.000; yes he's a marine, but officially he'll still be a pirate
Killer -> 500.000.000
It depends on what happends to Apoo and Hawkins, but I see them getting a raise by 300m each at max.

The former Shichibukai:
Mihawk -> 2.189.700.000; Dracula novel is from 1897
Weevil ->
Hancock -> 680.000.000
Crocodile -> 581.000.000
Buggy -> 300.000.000

Moriah -> 320.000.000
Kuma -> 296.000.000

Other big names:
Dragon ->
Shiki -> 3.653.700.000