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I still wait for teach bounty discussion, why "thank you for him"

3, San
9, Kyu
9, Ku
6, Ro

Sankyu Kurohige

Revo army speculation:
  • Sabo 3.8B (sa=san=3, bo=ba=8): high bounty as a killer at big event killed by Admiral in the newspaper
  • Karasu 800m
  • Lindberg 632m
  • Morley 586m
  • Betty 457m
As always Karasu is overrated.
As always Karasu is overrated.
His bounty will surely rise steeply now that the revos are out in the open attacking the WG directly and not covertly.

Sabo will be between 2.5-3.5 after what he pulled. Karasu and the rest will have a decent raise as well. Probably 300 flat just for the attack and perhaps a little more for their individual efforts now that the admirals can correctly gauge them one by one.

If Dragon is 5B+ as the most wanted in the world and Karasu is his #5 (Sabo, Kuma, Iva #2-4) then he deserves 800-1B. He is basically Vista or Robin.
Karasu’s below Morley based on the Throne War speech and Betty by bounty.

There’s no actual reason to rate him as the strongest of the Blue Commanders, he just has a badass design.
Doesn’t Morley have the lowest bounty of the four though? He might’ve just been chosen at random to be included in the Throne Wars speech, or maybe he was just the only one Oda had a design for yet. Still hoping the 3rd RA guy in the Throne Wars speech wasn’t him since the design doesn’t exactly line up
Dragon's bounty would be higher than kaido's but lower than whitebeard and roger's

Sabo- around 3 billion

Ivankov- around 2 billion

Other commanders would probably be relatively same maybe around a 1.5-2 billion range
Too high for no reason. Urouge would be lucky to reach 500M mark
True. Going into WCI Luffy and Law were 500, Kidd 470, Apoo and Bege 350, Zoro and Hawkins 320, Killer 200. Now Bonney is 320 and Drake is still at 222 until updated. Urouge should'nt be above the top 3.

Of course we know Urouge took down Snack and got chased off by Cracker so his power level/threat should be 600-860.
Top 25 so far:

Gol D. Roger - ฿5,564,800,000 - Captain; Pirate King
Edward Newgate - ฿5,046,000,000 - Captain; Emperor
Kaidou - ฿4,611,100,000 - Governor-General; Emperor
Charlotte Linlin - ฿4,388,000,000 - Captain; Emperor
Shanks - ฿4,048,900,000 - Chief; Emperor
Marshall D. Teach - ฿3,996,000,000 - Commodore; Emperor; Warlord
Dracule Mihawk - ฿3,590,000,000 - Warlord
Buggy - ฿3,189,000,000 - Captain; Emperor; Warlord
Eustass Kid - ฿3,000,000,000 - Captain; Super Rookie
Monkey D. Luffy - ฿3,000,000,000 - Captain; Emperor, Super Rookie
Trafalgar Law - ฿3,000,000,000 - Captain; Super Rookie; Warlord
Crocodile - ฿1,965,000,000 - Warlord
Boa Hancock - ฿1,659,000,000 - Captain; Empress; Warlord
King - ฿1,390,000,000 - All-Star
Marco - ฿1,374,000,000 - Commander
Queen - ฿1,320,000,000 - All-Star
Roronoa Zoro - ฿1,111,000,000 - Combatant; Senior Officer; Super Rookie
Jinbe - ฿1,100,000,000 - Captain; Senior Officer; Warlord
Charlotte Katakuri - ฿1,057,000,000 - Commander
Sanji - ฿1,032,000,000 - Senior Officer
Jack - ฿1,000,000,000 - All-Star; Captain
Charlotte Smoothie - ฿932,000,000 - Commander
Nico Robin - ฿930,000,000 - Senior Officer
Charlotte Cracker - ฿860,000,000 - Commander
Charlotte Perospero - ฿700,000,000 - Officer
Urouge beat the 600 million former Sweet Commander Snack pre-Whole Cake Island. I'd expect him to have been around the 700 million range post-invasion then maybe 1 billion after the few months since, especially if he's linked to a significant faction. The man's the final Supernova to get focus and was the first that was beating Commanders.