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Vegapunk is a hard one. He's not a fighter but he's very dangerous because of his creations.

I mean, if he survives and the seraphim too, he would basically be the only one who can control them directly (the 5 Elders have a superior authority over the seraphim but I don't think one of them would always be on a battlefield to regain a control over the Seraphim). And given the Seraphim got hyped as the highest form of technology able to fight Yonkou commanders and such, that makes Vegapunk a very dangerous dude.

So he's not a fighter but his creations can fight for him. So, honestly, this dude might have a bounty higher than 1 billion.
Moreover, the WG thinks he now knows too much about the forgotten century so that adds to his threat level.
Someone as famous and knowledgeable as Vegapunk could actually get 1.5B to 2.5B he doesn’t need to be a fighter to have such extreme threat level.
How much do you guys think Oda would give these characters bounpost Egghead island

- Vegapunk (if he survives)

- Bonny

- Kuma (if he regained his consciousness)

- Sai and Leo for their action in the recent
Vegapunk: I feel will die but if not, 4 Billion just for sheer knowledge and inconvenience to the WG.

Bonney: I don’t see much raise for her. Maybe get her to 500 million

Kuma: To fit with the other Warlords 1.6 billion

Sai and Leo: Them attacking a CD under another CDs order is no reason for a boost imo
Edit: It looks like some butthurt ZKKfanboys using this 3 years old quote to show their desperation about Mihawk lmao. :steef:

Cross Guild bounties are boosted a lot due to ''Marine Hunting'', if I had known Mihawk will be the Marine Hunter, putting bounties on Marines and if I knew Marines considers Cross Guild as a ''major, major threat'' and if I knew Mihawk was the Marine Hunter in the past, and Crocodile will have 1.9 billion bounty because of that also, as well as Buggy that the government and his men think Buggy is strong and made WGS Mihawk his underling, and also a Yonko and got only 3.1 billion, then I would say ''Mihawk should be 5 billion minimum if he is actually around Shanks' level''.

Manga clearly states "a fitting bounty for the WSS". All this copium about Marine Hunter boosting his bounty is in your head.
Sabo’s knowledge about the Gorosei will not impact his bounty because Wapol will leak the information first. And he’s probably already considered dead by the WG due to Lulusia being wiped out.
Oda should give Teach and Shanks bounty boosts for beating Kid and Law, in order to hype them up as the next big players replacing Kaido and BM.

Both should get around 5 billion berry bounties, as that is likely the milestone Luffy will pass when he beats Teach.