Buggy D. Clown vs Roronoa Zoro

Who Do You Think Wins This Matchup?

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That's right! Like the title said and it's the match for the ages people! Don't you miss it at all!

Buggy D. Clown:


Roronoa Zoro:

The Man Who CANNOT Be Cut No Matter What Vs The Man Who Vows To Cut Anything He Sees (Though have trouble cutting through cages and performance issues in Wano) in this fight of the century! Now as I assured you in other threads, there shall be no biased or headcannon statements when you post. Don't give trolling and salty response on here. Debate like adults and no backlash just because you lose a debate and can't handle losing on your end. We came here to have fun and debate our thoughts, not be salty and go trolling over wanting your way or the highway. Don't come with that BS or mods will be called to take care of you if you can't act out like a proper member. Be serious and bring the true facts. We are reading One Piece, not Two Piece, so get with the program on how the mods want true statements and not BS ones you put out.

Now for the rounds, there shall be this:

Round 1: East Blue Buggy vs East Blue Zoro

Round 2: Grand Line Buggy vs Grand Line Zoro

Round 3: Buggy The Warlord vs Post-Timeskip Zoro (Pre-Enma)

Round 4: Buggy The Renegade vs Wano Zoro (With Enma)

Final Round: EOS Buggy D. Clown, The New Yonko vs EOS WSS Zoro.

And to add to this, after-timeskip, it's very clear our Lord and Savior Buggy D. Clown has Haki and will be one of the greats, so Rounds 2 and up he has COO, COA, and COC and he has Awaken his DF to new heights. He is Buggy 'D.' Clown for a reason. What do you expect? Nothing, but the best for our Buggy :cheers:.

Not to worry, I will allowed Zoro to use Asura, but only in Grand Line version. We can't give him something if he never hinted about still having it in timeskip unlike our Lord Buggy now ;). Though I'll relent and give Asura to Zoro though this time on from Round 2 and upwards, but that's it. Though Idk what Zoro can do to someone who is naturally immune to being cut that even Mihawk couldn't really cut him down either.

Now for who I think will be the winner of it all, it's real easy, It's has to be this man:

Who aspires to be the next Yonko and try to be PK and major rival for Luffy :smithnie:!

The man who is able to fight off Impel Down's inhabitants equally with Luffy, his major rival.

Able to defeat an Awakening Zoan with just a Buggy Ball without even need to use his abilities. Damn, doesn't waste time with weaklings at that lvl. Buggy-Sama :steef:!

The man who fought alongside Shanks and don't mind wanting to start an war with him despite everyone hesitated fighting with Shanks.

The man able to dodge Kizaru's light-speed attacks like it was nothing. Damn! His COO was off the charts even at Marineford. Got be insane after post-timeskip here now :finally:!

The man who took not just one, not two, but multiple slices from an Serious Mihawk who was trying to kill both him and Luffy and yet it had zero effect at all. WSS couldn't even mess with him with Haki and all while Buggy was simply getting annoyed with him instead of fearing him. In fact, couldn't wait to beat his ass when he met him. I honestly don't know what Zoro would do to best this as if Buggy can't be cut, how you can hurt him? He wasn't even using Haki when facing Mihawk at all.

Even in the middle of a fucking War, Buggy is calm enough to set out to all his admirers and making his name known despite many notable names around in the end. God he is a badass if I ever seen one :endthis:.

To think he did all this before pre-timeskip and now in post-timeskip he already achieved Warlord status and now Marines are sending their best after him. God I fear for the brave men sacrificing their lives to try to take down such a man that is him. I can envision with all this hype, his Bounty will be close to Yonko lvl, more so to Shanks around 3-4 Billion Berries given all his feats and hype. You all can't denied what is true of Buggy D. Clown (y).

While I respect Zoro on what he is doing, it's clear it was never meant to be on him giving Buggy a challenge, let alone beat him. After all, this what happened after they last fight:

And Buggy wasn't even trying for that or using an ounce of his true power. Just one stab and Zoro's on his knees and down after that. While I know you all going to say 'Thats was in pre-timeskip, Zoro is way stronger than to let that happen to him again in the future'....Well.....:

Sorry guys, I know Zoro's progress, but looking at the different of portrayal lately especially what's going on with Buggy while Zoro having troubles in Wano, can't give him a fair shake on even coming close to touching Buggy-Sama. Buggy takes all the rounds from here on out and don't give me 'Zoro can still cut him' BS as Mihawk couldn't do it when he tried to cutting him even to little pieces. What makes you think Zoro can hurt or even defeat Buggy if Mihawk couldn't get an edge from his swordsmanship. Please don't give me that as it's clear this is an Luffy vs Enel situation, no matter what Zoro does, Buggy automatically immune just like electricity didn't effect Luffy no matter what. Please don't say Zoro will fight hand-to-hand as he isn't a M.A., he is a Swordsman. He never once beat an serious threat without his swords and is dependent on them.

Don't give out headcannons like that as even at EOS, Zoro wouldn't be an master of hand-to-hand combat as that isn't his specialty. If Oda hasn't let him beaten any credible opponent without his blades, it's pretty sure, he is unable to fight them same level without them. With that, I will leave you all to your own ideas and inventions, but it must be serious and no biased stuff especially on headcannon side. Got be within the realm of possibility of what shown and to extend on, not out of nowhere BS like he can now fight without his weapons as good as Luffy and Sanji. That BS won't fly at all, so don't try that and be serious when you insert what is the facts here. Now have fun all :D!
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