General & Others Can we please not ruin the Netflix adaptation of One Piece and be open for something different.

Don’t know how this will go over, and I know we’re a while out from seeing it but I just want to get this out now. I make this post because after seeing the destruction of the Netflix Cowboy Bebop series I hated how the community reacted. I was an anime purist at first, but after taking the time to enjoy it for what it was I was able to really like it and look forward to a season 2. I was even able to get my girlfriend into the series who loved it and wasn’t as interested in the anime. And I think that’s what important! This is a chance to get people into the series we love and consuming this amazing story. There should be criticisms for sure, but please just let others enjoy it and be happy with that fact that One Piece continues to grow and be a series everyone can appreciate.

Side note - I originally wrote this to be posted in the animanga One Piece Reddit page and after looking through this one for a while everyone here seems super excited and open for the Netflix adaptation which makes me happy. I imagine the other page will be much harsher on it.
What a consumist take.

People bashed the Cowboy Bebop because it was a heartless cashgrab, shitting on the lore and on the original. It had nothing related with the original, the original creators had nothing to do with it and aa such it was treated.
If they make a shitty product, they need to be bashed, specially because they exploit a known media without understanding it.

Garp the Fist

Adaptions don’t need to be perfect (see LotR movies, which get further and further from the books with each movie but are still excellent)

A lot can be forgiven if you can tell there’s been a genuine attempt to keep to the heart and tone of the original source. And, most importantly, if the adaption is actually good.

So it’s a wait and see for Netflix OP. I’m not gonna lose my shit if there’s some arc merging, some characters dropped/merged, some plot points vanished. That’s just the nature of the business. Can’t be done otherwise.
Ask yourself "What value would a real life adaptation add?" The answer is nothing.

This show is meant mostly for non-OP watchers to get hooked into the series.
kingdom, alita and rorou ken live adaptation were good though.
I didn't know Kenshin was an adaptation back then
The movies were good enough for me to rewatch and recommend to my friends
I didn't see the new ones but the trilogy that came out a few years back was pretty awesome