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Will BB and Shyriu kill Kid and killer

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Unlike the another supernovas (not luffy and zoro) kid and killer were alwayas the only supernova than oda had planinng, but what are their destinies?.
If we see his traveling in the new world they have fought agaisnt three of the yonko:

Shanks: kid lost his arm

kaido: kid and killer lost easly (killer ate smile) and on the roof oda showed than luffy and zoro are much better than them(without adv coc and asura)

big mom: now kid is fighting agaisnt her but if he would win will be due the law planing and they won't be for force (luffy will win her for force)

When they have fought agaisnt one yonko they have lost something or they have shown as weaker than luffy and zoro, but they are one yonko than they don't have fought and this is the bb crew.
So this is oda's idea, they will fight bb's crew, lose and die by bb and shyriu.
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Well Kidd's destiny is likely the one to roam the seas for possibly decades unless Oda will shockingly plan to kill him off. I doubt he will likely become Luffy's Whitebeard to Roger for now, but still I admit he bears a lot of potential.

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