Characters with good hax

Don´t know if this the right section. The title says everything. Call some characters, who have a good hax and explain it.
Hax are abilities that works more like "cheating". For example they can bypass the durability, attack the soul, erases your existance on a conceptual level, or you have an insane regeneration, you are an abstract entity, etc. Also hax could be causalitymanipulation, reality warping, law und plotmanipulation, etc. There are many kind of abilities like that.

I will begin first with one example.

Dark Schneider

This guy is nearly impossible to kill, because more then 3 different abilities he has.

Two of them are passive abilities, like Dispel Bound, or Eternal Atoms:

Dispel Bound - Explanation

An abilitie that protect Dark Schneider from any kind of magic, reality warping, instant kills, anti-creation, mind-manipulation, physical force, energy, etc.

To harm Darsh, it is necessary to destroy those shield(s)

The problem is, he has many of them. Millions of those shields, where one shield get destroyed by every attack

Those shields also regernates by million time in the same moment, which makes it nearly impossible to destroy Darsh. You need a very high combat/attack speed and/or at least attacks, who are very powerful. at least an attack with multi-galaxy force (I will explain it later below) (1)

If you have the power to destroy all of his shields, you only have one moment time to destroy Darsh. But even this is very difficult.
With Eternal Atoms Dark Schneider can regenerate from 3 planes of existence. Most verses have only two (Body and Soul) but in Bastard!! every highclass Demon, or Angel has those Eternal Atoms. You have to destroy or erase him on 3 planes of existence on the same time. If only one atom is intact, he will regenerate complete on all of those 3 planes of existence. Even if you erase two planes of existence from the concept, then Darsh regenerate from the third plane the other planes. He already was erased on two planes due the side effect of Judas Pain.

But even if you have the power and speed to destroy Dispel Bound, and even you have an ability to erase him from 3 planes of existence, Darsh can this.

You see, he is very hard to kill, at least no one from the HST can harm him in any way. But Dark Schneider doesn´t have only a hax defense and hax regeneration. He has also many spells and i will post at least 5 for example (Darsh has shown above 30 spells in the manga)

Black Sabbath


Judas Priest (Explanation) (2)

Led Zeppelin


He also can use 4 high-class spells on the same time via his Chanters

One more unknown abilitiy is, that he can use abilities from other fiction, like the Sharingan

Lets going with the 3 explanations:

(1) The multi galaxy force is needed, since Dark Schneider in his fight with Uriel already is Galaxylevel, before Uriel get his 130x130 power up. That was the situation, when Uriel has enough force to break Dark Schneider his shields all on the same time. Dark Schneider was already Galaxylevel when he uses Judas Pain.
Uriel scales 130x130 times above Dark Schneider. Later, the power between Darsh and Uriel was strong enough to destroy a 28.000 lightyears distant supermassive black hole as a side effect, a universe which is the hell, or better the other universe of Bastard!! create bei Satan

Both broke in the fight trough the space and here

That´s why you need at least a multi-galaxy force to break trough all those shields on the same time, but i can post more feats and statements, if there are some questions.

(2) I used here the powerful version of Judas Priest, which was amped by Judas Pain. Judas Pain increases the power of spells by several million times.
Judas Pain also
increases your senses and stats as well.
When Judas Priest
only destroy your atoms before, it destroy Eternal Atoms as well, after activating Judas Pain.

For more informations, here is a good respect thread:
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Have fun.