Powers & Abilities Charlotte Linlin is unbeatable

It just occurred to me. Y’all think Law could land a Personality Switch operation on Big Mom? Switch her with someone else, maybe even Kaidou? That would make them very beatable relative to them in their own bodies. Plus it would be a hilarious gag.
Honestly, I think she's probably weaker than the logia admirals.

Logia were stated to be the strongest DF. I doubt this is merely because of intangibility. We saw how hax a logia body + FS could be with Katakuri. Both Akainu and Aokiji have shown similar techniques albeit it is unknown if they have FS(albeit at least in the case of akainu, imo its very likely).

but beyond that having control over an elemental power like magma, ice, or light is ungodly OP. Especially with the DF awakenings aokiji and akainu have shown, which can effect an entire island. Akainu can create volcanos and draw magma from the earth's core.

even with her homies, which im sure could resist/absorb Akainu's magma to some degree, BM has nothing to take on akainu's awakening. Since magma>fire, akainu could possibly even kill prometheus. When Akainu turns an entire island into magma, even BM's durability won't save her.
Garp falls asleep for no apparent reason and gets cut up. somehow no one expects Garp to fall asleep during a real fight and hype him into the heavens.
plot requires BM to stay put, people lose their shit and scale her by clear PIS.

without PIS Linlin mauls everyone in OP verse. no exceptions.