Chu's true power.

I bet we'll get a FB of Kouen vs a 3GH
Renpa, Rinshoujo and Chousha vs Kouen -> draw?:crazwhat:

Okay I'll stop.
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I still find it insane that Kanmei had 5,000 Moubu sized soldiers. Like, what the fuck?
And Karin's elite soldiers, back then, were already classified by SSK as either being the strongest or the second strongest in the entire Chu military.

Now I would assume that Kouen's are even stronger than hers (thus #1), but still, that's insane. Lol.
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I still find it insane that Kanmei had 5,000 Moubu sized soldiers. Like, what the fuck?
10,000. Lol

Chu elite soldiers:

We really need to rank the elite soldiers of Kingdom.

I remember on day one of the Coalition battle, with Duke Hyou leading the charge, it was either Karyo Ten or En who said that Duke Hyou’s charge looked like an army of Duke Hyou’s charging. Lol

I really appreciate it that Hara doesn’t make only named characters great warriors. Lol
Kyou En

Chu army is STACKED.
Relative to every other state BUT Qin, which is the problem.

By the time they come head to head, Qin will likely have all of these individuals at "regular" GG level and above.
  1. Ou Sen
  2. Mou Bu
  3. Tou
  4. Yo Tan Wa
  5. Shin
  6. Ou Hon
  7. Mou Ten
  8. Kyou Kai
  9. Ka Ryo Ten
  10. A Kou
  11. Roku O Mi
  12. Ryuu Koku
  13. A Ka Kin

That said, we don't know how many monsters Kou En will have in his retinue, so Chu might have an equal number or more GG level generals.
Juuko city reached a big level of fame within China,

A city which had repelled any attack launched against it throughout the years, gaining a formidable reputation. Also one of the most strategically important places in China.

But yeah what's interesting is its position as well as Rokuomi speculating that individuals like those might be everywhere in Chu. Because Juuko lies right at the borders shared by four states: Qin, Wei, Chu and Han. Geographically it pretty much is Chu's welcoming card and prone to be targetted by other states.

Going southward there might even be plenty of Juuko-like fortressess, maybe overall even stronger than Juuko, who however might lack Juuko's fame/notoriety in the eyes of the other states. True "sleeping tigers".

Just imagine if you are a Chu grand strategist who could exploit all those lying pieces as part of your bigger plan, how badly things could go for any invading force. When Riboku exploited the Quanrong city to work together with SSJ and Zhao as part of his overall strategy, Yotanwa almost lost her life.

I imagine that Chu high chain of military has much more terrifying pieces to work with, overall.

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