Powers & Abilities Combine attack

Why the fuck you getting wet when Zoro is near Sanji?
dont push Sanji with Zoro gap is fucking masssive.
Sanji fighting with barely yc3 kevel fucking fodder while Zoro fighting with yc1
King/Zoro already lol diffed RS sanji/Queen lol stop reading Okama Piece
It would be awsone as he'll If zoro & sanji pull off an insane combo move like big mom & kaido https://flic.kr/p/2mmkTZV & it would be awesome if king & queen could do the same also.
Combination Attacks have happened several times already this arc so it's a possibility. I can see both using a combination attack to get out of a difficult situation ^^. . For instance, a scenario in which both King and Queen cooperating with their respective disasters to corner Zoro and Sanji but don't really see it happening as a finisher given both are fighting two separate opponents albeit in the same space (I think most people would prefer them defeating their respective opponents individually as opposed to defeating both with a combined attack). The later scenario is far more likely with Kidd and Law v Lilin ^^. That said, if we do get a scenario where both or all of the SHs face off against Kaido then sumin like that is very plausible ^^