Speculations Cross Guild is Going to Be Hyped by the Entire World

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Cross Guild is Going to Be Hyped by the Entire World
After Vegapunk's message is broadcasted and everyone has learned of what he has to say, the World Government is going to be looked at like it's an evil organization by many countries/kingdoms. The notorious Cross Guild is already known to be making bounty posters of people in the World Government. Everyone who has supported it will be considered heroes, and they will gain more fame and support from kingdoms/countries they couldn't before. Crocodile will certainly exploit that.

What do you think about such a development?
In the beginning, One Piece was going to have three factions.

The Marines/WG
The Morganeers, evil pirates
The Peace Mains, good pirates

As of now, we have these prominent factions rising in power:

WG/Marines who support them
Marines who are against the WG
Evil Pirates (Blackbeard/Cross Guild etc)
Good Pirates (Straw Hats etc)

So, I see these groups being solidified into Oda's original intentions:

The Marines: Corrupt government military force
The Morganeers: Pirates like Cross Guild and Blackbeard who will do anything to get power
The Peace Mains: Outlaws who reject the other two groups and want to defeat both of them to make the world a happy place

In this scenario, each group would have a reason to fight the other two groups, presenting a triangular balance system that serves as a counterpoint to the original triangular power balance of WG > Yonkou > Warlords

The Marines = current WG and Marines + people who join to try to get on the WG's good side to save themselves and loved ones
The Morganeers = Blackbeard, Cross Guild (and possibly Shiki if Oda decided to play that card) forming new Yonkou level crews.
The Peace Mains = Straw Hats allies, such as kingdoms, the Revolutionaries, and Marines and civilians who can no longer support the WG

So, the Marines have some defections, but get a lot more recruits through promising people safety from worldwide flooding (that they'll probably blame on Vegapunk or something).

Blackbeard recruits pirates who want to join a legit evil crew to find the One Piece and rule the world, Cross Guild takes all the lone wolf types that want to cash in on Marine bounties and steal whatever they can in the chaos.

The Revolutionaries will explode with recruits. Everyone who was ever on the fence about fighting the WG because they hate them now have the BIGGEST REASON EVER to fight back. I expect the kinder Marines like Smoker and Fujitora to end up on the Revs, as well.

So, IMO, we're looking at five major forces going into the end game, then three at the very end:

Pre End Game Five Factions:
The World Government
Straw Hats
Cross Guild

True End Game Three Factions:
The World Government ruled by Imu, King and God of the World
Straw Hats (Revolutionaries absorbed) ruled by Luffy, King of the Pirates and God of the Sun
Cross Guild (Blackbeard remnants absorbed) ruled by Buggy, Future King of the World and God of the Pirates

Just as people look at the moon more than the sun because the sun is too bright for them too stare at, Buggy will ride Luffy's popularity into becoming the most famous pirate of all time, stealing Luffy's shine with that big, beautiful red nose. HONK.

@Sir Yasheen I think you're right, Cross Guild will surpass Blackbeard and become the true endgame Pirate villains.
Interesting thought.

Personally, I think Blackbeard is the endgame. I see it like this.

1. Imu represents modern evil.

2. Blackbeard represents ancient evil.

3. Luffy represents ancient goodness.

Luffy will beat Imu and solve the problems of the modern day, but Blackbeard will bring up ancient ideals that are fundamentally more meaningful.

I picture two wars.

First it'll be everyone vs. the world government, but then it'll become basically a Straw Hat Vs. Blackbeard exclusive fight somewhere.

He's gonna be all like "Zehahahaha!! Luffy!! How did you know the Z in my laugh meant I was going to be the final villain??"
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