Theory Cross Guild will take Wano

Right now, we are seeing a lot of big moves from the yonko. Shanks just defeated Kidd and stole his poneglyphs. Teach will likely do the same to Law. It is clear that Oda is making the other 3 yonko Luffy’s major rivals in the contest for One Piece.

That leaves Buggy, who we haven’t seen make a big move yet, but is more than capable of doing so. As we know, Buggy was a Roger pirate. While he never made the final voyage to Laugh Tale, he did sail with Roger up to that point. What this means is that he likely knows about the poneglyphs as well as the content of certain poneglyphs.

What I am getting at is, there is a very big chance that Buggy knows about the Zou, Wano, and WCI Poneglyphs in addition to also knowing that Pluton is hidden inside wano. Given that Wano is the land of the samurai, powerful swordsmen, and that Crocodile was after Pluton in Arabasta, I think both Mihawk and Crocodile have an incentive to make a move on wano.

I think Mihawk, using his master swordsmanship, will bring down the walls of wano, opening the passageway to Pluton. I also think he will defeat Yamato in battle, a parallel to Shanks vs Kidd and Teach vs Law. Ultimately, Cross Guild will take wano for its own, with Buggy becoming the new Orochi and Mihawk the new Kaido.

This will set the stage for the endgame in the race for One Piece. Luffy already claimed wano as his territory, and hence the actions of Cross Guild will be an act of war. I believe Luffy will sent an army to wano in order to free it from Cross Guild’s control. This army will be led by Zoro, with the support of Jinbe, Usopp, Franky, and a couple grand fleet captains.

The major fights in this second wano war will be:

Zoro vs Mihawk

Jinbe vs Crocodile

Usopp vs Buggy

Franky vs Pluton

I also think Koby vs Alvida needs to happen.
Buggy will definitely fight Pluton, so it would make sense for cross guild to be involved with Wano in the finale. But would it make sense for cross guild to take over Wano? That would mean Cross Guild gets a hold on Pluton. How would the fight between Buggy and Pluton come into being then?

I will not leave this possibility out of the question, but is Buggy not after the treasure of Captain John? Which is currently most likely to be on the island where Blackbeard resides?

Buggy does not have lofty ambitions like the One Piece. He cares about Captain John's Treasure because he thinks that is one that he can get without effort. In particular now that he has gotten the key to it from Luffy ever since Impel Down.