Powers & Abilities DF Eaters that Really Don’t have to Worry about Drowning

So I think most DFs are just useless in the water. Take Shu. All he could do with his DF is rust the water. Useless. Dead
Then there are a few DFs that will just kill the user faster if the use it. Take Machvise. More he uses his, the faster he’s dead
There are some users that won’t drown due to another abilities. All Moonwalkers aren’t drowning (so CP9).
Vander Decken & Jack can breath underwater (tho they may wanna bring a magazine cuz they still can’t swim)
The jackpot prize definitely went to Kuzan on this one. “Oh no, I’m drowning. Pysch. The ocean’s frozen solid for 100 miles & Im standing on top”:feelsokeman:
But then there are a fair amount of Users that, if they think quick, could use their DFs to get them out, such as;
- Luffy: If he gets to stretching
- Bellamy: Bounce his way out
- Kizaru: Moves at light speed
- Bartolomeo: Barrier ball
- Kuma: Slap his way out
- Sanjuan Wolf: Kinda just a hack, his feet touch the floor
- Law: ROOM!
Doflamingo: Attaches a string to a cloud in a split second and pulls himself up. That's what he did in Marineford before Oars Jr.'s falling fist, instantly climbing the length of a skyscraper higher than Oars Jr.

Akainu: Magma punches the water and creates his own island from cooling lava. In fact, creating a very expansive cool lava barrier around his body should save Akainu from the effects of the sea. It would be like he was buried underground instead of swimming underwater.

Moria: Sends his shadow flying to surface and then quickly changes places. If his own shadow isn't countered by salt water.

Gladius: Fills his clothes up with air and explodes himself to the surface.

Daifuku: In theory, sends the genie up the surface and the genie pulls Daifuku out with his weapon.

Brulee: In theory, opens one those mirror portals she used on Nami and Carrot and jumps into the Mirro-world herself, closing it before too much water gets in.

- Bartolomeo: Barrier ball
You have to do this before you enter the water. If you're underwater and you form a barrier ball, you are trapped inside a ball of water. If you are falling into the ocean but haven't touched water yet, it's smarter to make an invisible platform to stand on then return to land with Barrierbility: Walkway.
I always got the impression that being submerged prevented them from even using their devil fruits, are there any examples of people using their devil fruit after they got submerged? Because Luffy didn't stretch himself at Arlong Park Nojiko did it for him.

Big Mom is the only person I could see doing this because she made a homie out of the ocean, and it would have to be made before she was submerged.
The thing is that after they fall into the sea they lose their strength. At most I can picture Kuma getting out because of the simplicity of his DF.

There's also fishmen, of course, simply because they can't drown, but even they would be weakened.