Character Discussion Do you think That There is a Reson that Mihawk and Imu have exactly the same eyes?

I can see it, maybe im wrong but no one in One Piece has special eyes like Mihawk&Imu also Mihawk has the way of speaking of a Noble and would also make sense because he is a Vampire and Vampire always have the Noble theme going on
Maybe Mihawk is from a Royal Family and not Shanks after all?
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They're either related in some way or it's some Kuina/Tashigi troll job from Oda
most sense would make if they from the same race like the 3 eyes. Imu and Mihawk are literally the only person in one piece that have these eyes if Oda would not want to connect them he could have made Imu eyes different but he did not
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He's the John Snow of OP, Imu's bastard son.
Would be Cool in a way
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idk the only 2 person with these eyes, while Mihawk is literally know for his eyes because they are so special. its hard to think thats coincidence
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