General & Others Do you think the bounties for the Revolutionary Army Commanders are fine or do you think they should have been higher?

Yes this was my thought process on the matter. I think they should have been significantly highter since the Government is aware of whom the threats are despite they operate surreptitiously.
.. they command surreptitiously but.. how does being so vague in the public help the government gage the threat they pose... in addition they operate in the weaker seas.. when most of the government's top-notch VA and soldiers work in the grand line..


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Their bounties is precisely because I don't buy the "bounty represents the danger the WG feels towards a person".
The Revo Army is, aside from the SH's, the MAIN threat they face. For other pirates, they use the Navy to fight them, but the Revo Army DIRECTLY fights against the WG.
Now, there could be reasons for that.
WG doesn't want to hype them and make them more known then they would like. Dragon's ideology spreads and it can get out of control pretty quickly. Trying to conceal their level of threat from the general public is a valid strategy.
But this is all speculation.
Oda doesn't say shit.
He doesn't bother explaining anything.
It's a question after a question after a question, and when he gives an answer, it just generates more questions.
I'm honestly giving 0 fucks about this cheap strategy of "keeping people guessing". One thing was doing it in the beginning of the story, but for something that he insists in saying we closing to the end, he doesn't feel very inclined to start answering some stuff.
I suspect that's because he intends of mixing every single piece of plot in this "final war" event. It's gonna be a shit show.
"Joy Boy"? "Sun God"? Not different things. All the same shit, etc.


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so every weakling that tries to overthrow the government should have a high bounty, if is like that the government would already be broke.
I get what you're saying.
BUt come on.
The Revo Army is THE organization hyped by Robin since EL saying that they were directly in conflict with the WG, different from pirates.
Not a bunch of random fodders.
In the latest vivre card packs the bounties for the Revolutionary Army Commanders were finally revealed.

Belo Betty's bounty is 457,000,000

Karasu's bounty is 400,000,000

Lindbergh's bounty is 316,000,000

And finally Morley's bounty is 293,000,000

Do you think their bounties are fine or do you think they should have been higher?
They're fine. These are considered high bounties in Paradise and they received them while operating mostly in the Blues. I think Sabo and the ones at the Reverie will get bumped up a bit. Might be why Betty is the highest right now. I also think people are assuming that they are Dragon's Yonkou Commander equivalents, but I don't think that's the case. I think Sabo/Kuma/Iva are the main officers. Kuma may have even been replaced by someone we haven't seen yet, though I doubt it.


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the revo fought the wg but not the real wg. the real wg is protected by the admirals and we saw what happened to them when they attacked the rea wg.
The fact that they infiltrated Mariejoe during the freaking Reverie is already pretty damn dangerous for the WG.
Underestimating such a thing makes 0 sense, considering how freaking paranoid the WG is.


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If the Revolutionaries are even in the same ballpark as the Yonko crews then they are way too low. These bounties will only make sense if none of the revolutionary commanders have ever beaten another mid tier or higher character before, making their strength an almost complete unknown.

If the commanders have ever demonstrated any of their real strength then they would need to be less than Izo level for their bounties to make sense. I don’t believe bounties are purely powerlevel based, but they are supposedly strength + danger. Izo would be more dangerous as a revolutionary than a WB Pirate.

I’d imagine being part of the revolutionaries should cause more inflation than being aligned with any other group, so they either have to be weak (in the grand scheme of things) or the WG has to think that they are weak for their bounties to make any sort of sense.