Character Discussion Doubling down on the Smoker hype.

Who will be stronger EoS?

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If this candyboy is currently “The Hero of the Marines” and is important enough for Neckbeard to kidnap then Smoker and all his fans are about to be eating good once the manga highlights his offscreen gains and glow up
He was already portrayed as equals with the Flame Emperor in TOEI’s beloved One Piece movies

Was also the only Marine with the balls to fight Douglas Bullet, Kizaru and Fujitora fleed in terror… Interestingly enough they wanted the smoke from Shanks tho, watch his movie lmao

All that can be gained from this is that Smoker is highly favored for Top Tier portrayal. Unlike most fools I don’t ridicule him for Punk Hazard as he had no bad showings… He fought evenly with Law now worth 3 Bill, stood up to monsters like Doflamingo and Vergo, and I’m pretty sure I remember him telling Kuzan he’d come for him or something if the nasty rumors were true

Smoker’s about to be sitting at the top so its ok to start crying now haters. Inspired by a GOAT thread.
Honestly who has this amount of raw power behind just their punch, just a mere punch alone

Because if you give Sanji the opportunity to the perfect kick, with the most amount of power, technique and precision, it barely did anything.

Smoker is able to get past Vergo’s iron defence without devil fruit power or haki, thereby punches harder than Sanji does with a kick that harnesses a perfect mix of technique, power and precision, which you can definitely not say for Smoker in that instance

If it hadn’t been for the fact that Marco combines shockwave in his physical attacks, he wouldn’t have been able to hurt Queen

Sanji was kicking Queen around more effectively with Diable Jambe than Marco did , only Marco only ever gets credit for his shockwave, not the brute strength of his attacks

Sanji’s brute strength > Marco, but he is unable to get past Vergo’s iron body

Smoker crushes Vergo’s iron body with just a raw punch lol

Also it’s insane how Smoker can endure and have the edge against Vergo in a prolonged fight, taking body shots from his haki when Law wasn’t even making it past 2 sissy slap attacks

But that’s just the power by the one person that first witnessed and is purely motivated in hunting Luffy by his resemblance to Roger.

Smoker, ie the guy that was written from the start of the series to be the nemesis to the Pirate Era Luffy wishes to lead.

Smoker is the leader of the generation of marines when Luffy leads the new generation of pirates
I have high hopes for both Coby and Smoker. I expect Smoker to be in the Commander range, strength-wise, next time he shows off. Him being an Admiral in like an epilogue wouldn't be too crazy but seeing how far the story is, I don't really expect him to give non-holding back Luffy serious trouble.