Theory Dragon's True Identity

Ever since Ace was introduced, we all assumed he was Luffy's biological brother. I mean why not? They looked alike, they both had 'D.' in their name and Luffy himself introduced him as his brother to his crew. Some even predicted Ace was using his mother's surname since he hated his father who we assumed was Dragon. Who could've predicted Roger was Ace's father since he died over a year before he was born?

I find it very strange Oda went to the lengths of hiding Garp's face with a mask but reveals Dragon's face in Loguetown. Luffy's first reaction when he finally sees Dragon's face was 'We don't even look alike'. Genetics are complicated yes but I wouldn't dismiss this especially in a story that talks heavily about inheritance.

Garp never calls Dragon his son, he refers to him as 'Your Father' and even says to Luffy 'You're just my kid' s kid'.

I believe that Luffy resembles his mother, who is Garp's daughter. Dragon may very well be a Celestial Dragon. His origins are a mystery but we found out that the higher ups of the marines know who he was.

Him being the world's most wanted man could have a new meaning since he's the one man who knows about the secrets of Mary Geois... Well him and Doflamingo.

Doflamingo was a thorn to the WG's side and they even tried to assassinate him a couple of times.

Dragon's family could have been the original rulers of the Goa Kingdom, which would make sense why he'd go back after defecting. He would also throw away his name and take his wife's name to distance himself from those he hates.

I believe Luffy's mother has been out of the story since her appearance would reveal Dragon's true identity. 'Dragon' could also not be his real name. He was a Celestial Dragon that fell to the lower realm, he's no longer a Celestial so he renamed himself as Dragon. He then met a girl who had 'D.' in her name, the very same D's who were enemies of the Celestial Dragons. If the World Government found out that Dragon had a child, who's also a D, then they'll send assassins after him which is why he decided to distance himself from Luffy but always keeping a watchful eye.