Versus Battle Espada vs Shichibukai

Supposing speed is more or less equal—last time I checked OBD or VS I want to say they were, but don't quote me—this is actually a really good match up.

At first glance, Halibel and Zommari seem to be very good counters to the Shichibukai. Their hax being very apparent and difficult to counter, but I think Jinbe or even Kuma can handle the water conjured up by Halibel enough that the less mobile Devil Fruit users of the Shichibukai aren't washed away. Likewise, Boa Hancock's... Assets mixed with Zommari's intoxicated death makes me think he'd be a stone statue early on.

Szayelaporro Granz's cloning technique can be easily countered by both Moriah's shadow grabbing or parasite from Doflamingo. And Nnoitra compared his (regular?) hierro to steel. In ressureccion, no doubt it's amplified greatly. But, I'm skeptical if it'll withstand Doflamingo's strings, Mihawk's sword or Boa Hancock's hax/haki kicks.

To, really anyone below the top 4 Espada seem like they can be beaten. Maybe you get a few bad match ups and Zommari trumps someone, only to be backstabbed by another. But for the most part, the Shichibukai impress me more. Segunda Etapa Ulquiorra, Coyote Starrk and Barragan are honestly the only issues. In SAFWY—a post Karakura Town novel—A clone of Szayelapporo Granz with his knowledge and greater power stated that Zaraki had the power to blow away Barragan's respira with his sword swings.

That is likely possible with Mihawk, as well. Starrk is a fast and destructive opponent, so I think he'd likely beat out Doflamingo in a 1v1 but if you add on someone like Moriah or Kuma who could support him? Starrk's probably down for the count.

Don't know if Mihawk can be Segunda Ulquiorra, but in general I favor team Shichibukai.
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The Espada are far stronger with regeneration abilities , the War lord stands no chance against Yammy , barrangan and Ulquoirra 's power i am not even adding others here ,it's an Avenger squad for the puppies !!

This will be complete one sided match , its like having enemy for your breakfast ! If, I could give any decent chance Mihawk and Kuma may withstand( High unlikely scenrio) but bleach fighters are crazy powerful with abilities like regenerative power .