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Just waiting for the final parallel. Luffy beating Kaido and Kidd beating Big Mom. Then there will be two new emperors :kata:
Luffy has his grand fleet but Kid also needs some kind of fleet. That’s one of my biggest complaints… Oda only cares for the SHC.
Kid deserves his own mini arc, give him some strong cremates and a fleet. The Underworld would be a perfect place for Kid.
I am not even reading Wano rn but heard from my friend that my boy Kidd about to have his time to shine again so here I am

I am reading these chapters only for Kidd and I hope there will be more development and screentime for him next chapters <3
Don’t worry your not the only one. I’ve been zoning out on most these recent chapters just waiting for Oda to finally get to Kidds fight lol. Now it’s finally here :kidsmile:
@rerere @ReggieZoldyck21 @Lukegranders etc.

take a look at this masterpiece I got send:

I like it. The conquerers of the new gen (Luffy, Zoro, and Kidd) all represent a god. Kidd represents Tyr the god of war and victory. @Pantheos, your theory makes me want to go do my own research on Tyr and Fenrir lol. I already believed that Kidd would unlock adv CoC but this video/theory made me even more sure.