Who will win the World Cup 2022 in Qatar?

  • Argentina

    Votes: 53 57.0%
  • France

    Votes: 40 43.0%

  • Total voters
Hello community, it's almost time and the next World Cup will start this month in Qatar.

It is scheduled to take place in Qatar from 20 November to 18 December 2022. This will be the first World Cup ever to be held in the Arab world,[1] and the second World Cup held entirely in Asia after the 2002 tournament in South Korea and Japan.[a] In addition, the tournament is scheduled to be the last with a 32-team field; the field is slated to increase to 48 teams for the 2026 tournament in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

I came up with the idea of opening a bet thread in which users bet game to game and bet on their favs.

I know many will boycott the World Cup. What I understand and respect. Nevertheless, there are some here who asked me and I've received requests for a thread like this which I open up. Therefore, as a mod, I am happy that at least the users who participate here will have joy and fun together, then it is all about having fun as a community.
The rules of the game, especially what we are betting on, is still out of the question, but there will definitely be no real money involved, we are betting on other things.

What I have in mind is that the losers have to change the avatar chosen by the winner for 4 weeks.
While second and third in the table don't have to change anything, the first placed could maybe get a special tag or something, we still have to discuss that in detail, I was thinking something like we did with Lance, a special tag like: THE WINNER FROM WORSTGEN WORLD CUP BET THREAD 2022

In general, the things we still have to discuss in detail. But overall, those are the things we need to know for now.

Now coming to the World cup, here are the groups:

Now how do we do that? I found a site where we can type/bet, it will work that way we are all in a group and whoever gets the most points will be the winner, it will look like this at the end:

The german site has the same system for the world cup, means the first one with the most points, wins the betting game!!
I know it's a german site,yet I changed into english language so it would be easier for you to handle the rules and do right things.

Now coming to Kicktipp, the rules of the game:
Other players' predictions are only visible after the prediction deadline has run out.
Prediction mode
Predicting the exact result.
The result "after penalties" will be applied.
Tied on points
If nothing else has been agreed to, the rankings of several players who are tied in total points are decided by counting the number of wins on matchdays ("Wins").
Prediction Rule: 0 minutes in advance
The prediction period ends 0 minutes before the corresponding fixture.
Points rule: 2 - 4 points
Tendency Goal Difference Result Win234Draw2-4

Points rule: 4 points
Points for each correct answer: 4
You will earn points for each correct prediction. For this rule, the prediction order will not be considered.

Points Rule of Nine
Tendency Goal Difference Result Home win234Draw3-4Away win345
General explanation
The rule of nine awards points for a prediction if the tendency was correct. The tendency is correct if the winner has been correctly predicted, or if the result is a draw that has been predicted.

Different amounts of points can be rewarded for a correct prediction. Here we distinguish between tendency, goal difference and result:
  • You receive the Result points if you have predicted the exact result, e.g. Result = "2-1" - Prediction = "2-1"; Result = "1-1" - prediction = "1-1".
  • You get the Goal Difference points if you have not predicted the exact result but the goal difference, e.g. Result = "2-1" - prediction = "1-0"; Result = "1-3" - prediction = "0-2". Since the goal difference in case of a draw is always 0, tendency and goal difference can be summarised in such a case.
  • The tendency score is awarded if the tendency has been correctly predicted, but result and goal difference have not, e.g. Result = "2-1" - prediction = "2-0"; Result = "1-1" - prediction = "0-0"

Additionally, it can be distinguished between home win, draw and away win. Since away wins are rarer, one might choose to award more points for a correct away-win prediction than for a correct home-win one.
Examples for the "Example "Rule of nine""-rule

For the rule "Example "Rule of nine"", the following score results:
  • Result: "2-1" - Tip: "1-2" -> 0 Points (wrong tendency)
  • Result: "2-1" - Tip: "1-0" -> 3 Points (Home win goal difference)
  • Result: "1-1" - Tip: "0-0" -> 3 Points (Draw tendency)
  • Results: "1-2" - Tip: "1-2" -> 5 Points (Away win result)

Advice Pools mode:

If the pools mode is used for predictions, the values for result and goal difference have no meaning since only the tendency is being predicted.

Tendency Home win1Draw1Away win2

Advice home/away:

Matches played on neutral ground, e.g. in tournaments such as the World or European Cup, no differentiation needs be made between home and away wins. In this case, the points awarded in each case must be of an equal amount. One line in the overview is hidden for purposes of simplification.

Tendency Goal Difference Result Win234Draw2-4"

Also the round has bonus points, for these things, you can get bonus points, you just need to bet/type it with an answer:

11/20/22 5:00 Which team will produce the highest goal scorer?

11/20/22 5:00 Who will reach the semi-finals?

11/20/22 5:00 PM Which team will win group A?

11/20/22 5:00 PM Which team will win group B?

11/20/22 5:00 PM Which team will win group C?

11/20/22 5:00 PM Which team will win group D?

11/20/22 5:00 PM Which team will win group E?

11/20/22 5:00 PM Which team will win group F?

11/20/22 5:00 PM Which team will win group G?

11/20/22 5:00 PM Which team will win group H?

11/20/22 5:00 PM Which team will be World Champion?"
If you get the right answer, you get bonus points.

Overall these are the basic rules which you guys need to know.

This is the link to the site, you can enter the group if you wanna play also with me together for the world cup:

That's it from me, I hope and wish that we all treat each other fairly and respectfully, let's all just have fun and enjoy the World Cup.