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The End and the Beginning
I can only talk from my point of view and I would be super annoyed if I rolled vanilla townie when all other players including indies and mafs got all those strong abilities. Prefer to not attract kills on myself, trying to survive and to be able to do some helpful stuff for town.
This might be valid had I not explicitly mentioned the possibility of Vanilla roles in the sign ups. Every player who signed up was aware of this, some players even prefer it, unfortunately you can't please everyone all the time just from the perspective of maintaining rand integrity.


Okay, if it was announced before in the sign up thread then you at least knew about that it could happen.
Personally I would never sign up for such a round then.

And I just want to say, I´m not angry or anything, I only want to add constructive criticism.
Even in comparison to the other roles that had abilities I have the feeling that Prof´s role was a bit too game-deciding for every faction, that´s how I would put it.
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