Started a brand new membership at Planet Fitness for the first week and man, it's so much better than working out at home. Just seeing others go at their own strength and pace really inspires you to push for bigger goals. Today alone I've burned over 520 calories doing 40 minutes of cross training alone. That along with the chest and leg weight lifting I've did was enough to motive me to get this last day of work over with before the holidays.

Feels good to be back in the gym once more.
Cousin has skinny fat body. Her upper body really thin, her lower body like thigh and butt etc extremely fat and blubbery while her thigh muscles are small, her thigh fat even bulge on the back of her knees etc. She asked me how to fix this, is it by cardio or should she bulk instead by hip thrusts etc? She said she's afraid and dunno where to precisely place the barbell for barbell hip thrusts since her ovaries, uterus are located nearby the barbell. Any advice for her? And maybe what kind of sports should she focus on for now?