Powers & Abilities Four reasons why Mihawk is the most overestimated character

It is true that Kaido, WB, BM and Pranks were running around fighting each other all the time.
You are a special one aren't you ?
People who are mocking Mihawk for not wanting to fight other Emperors don't understand Cross Guild is the weakest Yonkou crew in military power.

The only powerhouses in this crew are Mihawk, and Crocodile to a lesser extent (you can maybe put Mr 1 in this).

So basically, with the Cross Guild, Mihawk will have to fight practically whole Yonkou crews alone. When other Yonkou crews have 3-4 High tiers, 5-6 Mid tiers and thousand fodders. So it's normal Mihawk is not very excited to fight the other Emperors.