Anime & Manga Franky displayed Yonko/Admiral level AP before Luffy and Zoro

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Franky melted Wapol Metal with his laser.
Whitebeard couldn't break Wapol Metal with his punches.

Big Mom was scared of tanking his laser:

Franky's lasers are superior to Pacifisata lasers, which are literally the same as the lasers Kizaru shoots.
Franky also has a lightsaber.

It's time to stop underestimating this man. Because of his reliance on Cola, Oda can literally make him as powerful as he wants.
Wow i mean this is Big Mom. The woman with vast resources of network, the natural born destroyer whom no one can stop according to Jimbei himself! And Franky treated her like this to the point of screaming and avoiding the lazerbeam? Is this the beginning of EoS Franky > Pluton being confirmed just like how EoS > Zoro being confirmed? If that's the case, then the Suppa Franky is possibly the top 3 in the verse.

EoS Luffy > Imu > Prime BB

EoS Luffy > Rocks D.Xebec-Gol D. Roger - Shanks - WB Oden altogether combined yea yea yea facts from the silhouette yea yea yea:steef:

EoS Franky > Pluton yea yea

Shirahoshi = Poseidon yea

EoS Zoro > Mihawk yea yea

EoS Sanji > Zeff yea yea

EoS Nami or EoS Brook > Big Mom yea yea

EoS Robin > Dragon yea yea

SH >> Rocks :steef:
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