Gaimou vs Gyou'un (duel)

Gaimou wins. He's too strong. He may even win comfortably (as less than high diff). If Gyou'un has the Raigoku, then it is interesting.

It would be a cool war actually because I wonder if Gyou'un would take the Renpa/Ouki outlook.
Gyou'un weight as a general might be more but to fill the difference between strength, it's quite less and adverse situation Gyou'un with this matchup.

Could be high diff fight at most for Gaimo to win this.
I'd say Gaimou since I'm confident he will be one of Shin's future opponents, it would then seem logical for him to be above Gyou'Un, it seems appropriate for Shin to have to take him down in a high/extreme diff when that moment comes and it may be the point where Shin will enter the realm of GG.

Gaimou's performance during the fire dragons arc was a bit all over the place but I think he was just testing Shin instead of being serious.
Gaimou extreme-diff, he's still missing that piece that'd make him a Renpa/Ouki level fighter. Once he gets it during Wei arc should be a high-diff dub if not easier.