[FNZ] Light game Game 01 : One Piece Wano Kuni act 2

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I don't know where the suspicions on me are coming from. I am actually confused what to think anymore and who is who.
Earlier in the dayphase I wanted to vote for Dark Admiral, but seeing his posts made me think he is not a suspect anymore. Kiwi, on the other hand, raised my suspicions big time and I considered her town.
I have a gut feeling that Noctis is town for sure.
I wasn't active and didn't catch up with the thread until the night phase started, I got called to go meet friends and we went to the art museum. I have pics to prove if you don't believe me, people. And I quoted and commented on posts I found interesting or odd after the night phase ended, you can check it in my first post this dayphase. I stayed here checking the thread last night but then I went offline and woke up just a few hours ago and here I am. I like this game and would like to try to solve it and I try to put as much effort as I can in this game. I have never played with any of you before so I don't know any gaming style, nothing like that, but it is a good observation lesson for me.

You are asking other players to unvote another player, that is not suspicious or does not look like buddying at all, not one bit.
Who are you voting for?


You can't win
All these vote shenanigans before the end of the dayphase.
Why do you consider Gambit to be mafia?
It's not a shenanigan. I really wanted to be eliminated because i was disappointed by town's play, but after re-reading Gambit, i got the gut feeling he is scum and thus decided to help town before being lynched.

I don't ask you to change your vote, just to pay attention to Gambit after my lynch. I already gave my reasons before:


Vote against Bogard?? Really after Ted almost kill him off?
Doubt that Bogard is a scum, such a move with voting against Bogard isn´t right.

I really believe you and think that you something know(a ability?) which going against Gambit, so...

Unvote Kiwipom
Vote Lynch Gambit @Rej

@Dark Admiral , @Kiwipom
Vote against Gambit then.
For real? If it really something ability-wise he would have voted him in his very first post.
For real? If it really something ability-wise he would have voted him in his very first post.
Yeah for really, but be honest I don´t even think either why you even vote against him. Again he was almost out and get saved by a ability, why so you vote against him if he was a target of the scums? I doubt Ted would sacrifice his own teammate in that way, also Bogard could easily give his vote to Tac who would be in trouble, but he take it back.

Voting against Bogard don´t help us townies for sure, either we going with him and look if he is right with Gambit or you guys come back with my point to lynch Kiwipom.
Maybe I am missing soemthing, but what ability and when was Bogard saved? Elaborate on this one please, I don't recall seeing it being mentioned anywhere
Woops, that was kinda a One Shot a la Kaido. The Animal Kingdom Pirates might take the lead with this!
@tedxtr got lynched! He was
Monkey D. Luffy!
Kiwi -> Bogard
ted -> Bogard
Bogard had two votes on him well Ted only had noctis on his, yet he get killed and not Bogard.
Only a ability could save Bogard here, otherwise he would be dead right now and not Ted.


Didn´t his unvote was counted before?
Then it was really a luck situation that Bogard survive that day, but the count still stands, voting against Bogard only hurt us. He is most like a townie after the action what Ted do.
Rej told him to bold but he was late

Look at other side... no one had enough votes so the one who was getting lynch was Ted, so voting for his teammate in a situation like that sounds better since one gonna die anyway and doing that gives other town points.

Not to mention Ted never placed vote on Bogard until he had no choice left. He even decided to lynch Dark Admiral who he didn't even suspected much
Not to mention Ted never placed vote on Bogard until he had no choice left. He even decided to lynch Dark Admiral who he didn't even suspected much
For him it wasn´t matter who he was gonna kill. If Bogard was really his scum friend, he would still be on Tac or would choose another user and not Bogard. Don´t forget it was Ted who open up both possibly vote against Bogard or Dark aswell, he just try to save his ass and kill off two people who was townies most like:

Let's all move on Bograd then, or Dark admiral
We should not lynch Bogard today, it is a total false way for us.
You and Law were my suspects since the beginning of day2 after Kiwi. But you calling out on me and trying to rally Kiwi against me. Even though I’m a proven townie. It just feels odd to me and my suspicions just went higher. That is all.
How are u proven?
Vote Gambit, i'm sure he is scum
Can't influence your vote, but i'd try something else. Trust me for Gambit on this one. If it fails, you can lynch me in the next phase. Either this or lynch me now, and later focus on Gambit
Excuse me?
@playa4321 what's up with that opportunistic vote against me?

Vote lynch Bogard @Rej

Seems a desperate vote on me in the dying hours of the phase which I don't like.
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