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The next batch of upcoming anime episode titles have been revealed.
932. Dead or Alive - Queen's Sumo Inferno (July 12)
933. Gyukimaru - Duel on Oihagi Bridge (July 19)
934. Great Reversal! Three-sword Style Beyond Death! (July 26)
935. Zoro's Amazement! The True Identity Of The Mysterious Beauty (August 2)
936. Achieve Ryou - The Haki of Wano Country (August 9)
One Piece Anime getting new Opening Them by Da-iCE !! seems with new scenes !!

The new them called "DREAMIN' ON", it will start with Episode 935, on 02 Aug !
A clear 45 sec preview of the song from their website:

I'm not a J-pop guy but that hits all the right beats you'd expect from an opening. It's just a matter of how the visuals line up. Can't help but wonder just how much material the anime decides to spoil this time, there are some color schemes I'd really like to see.