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Here we go, back to shitty quality animation really TOEI?

I mean yeah we need to wait now for WIT
Wtf you mean shitty animation quality? The nep for next episode looked insanely well animated. The character designs are incredible. Definitely some of the liveliest in the history of the franchise and definitely the best the tv series has had outside of Tate I’d say(though I do have a soft spot of Koizumi’s designs even though they were apparently very difficult to animate).
It's not, it's just Dress Rosa lvl animation, with cutted scenes instead of animated scenes. It's sooo bad
Again, you have no idea what you are talking about. Even just from the NEP you can already see there is a lot of character animation in even the basic movements like that rando marine, or how animated Ivankov is. Also, the compositing is just a big leg up from Dressrosa with the softer aesthetic already looking fantastic in more action based scenes like the cuts with franky.