Who will become the European Champion?

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He will do great. At least 25 goals in PL and 6-7 decisive goals in CL
Yeah. But he wouldn't be playing the way he used to be, that was very entertaining. Lol

He now probably going to use more of his positioning and waiting for decent crosses from Bruno or Pogba. Or simply use his present to distract opponent defences so the others can get the opportunity.

He might or might not score that many. It depends on how many penalties MU will get this season as well.

Okay. Overall, he'll be stiil good then lol
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Anyway any tonight is Liverpool vs Chelsea. This would be good match, waiting for the battle between Lukaku and Virg.
How good Ronaldo will be in PL? Can he handle the intensity of Premier League ? I honestly don't expect too much from this old man
United play on pace,Their players are more than good enough to divert defenders for Ronaldo to score some goals,I think the same united Side were the 2nd most top scoring team last season so yeah.
Anything less than a prem Top 3 finish this season and atleast one trophy will be a failure
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Ruben Loftus-Cheek might head to Napoli on loan as a late move, I would love that transfer.
Bruh Even Tammy Abraham is Balling in Serie A lmao