Who will become the European Champion?

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I dont see Real Madrid ever losing a CL final. Its just not something they do. If a team like RM arrives in final,they win
I'll choose to believe that history will repeat itself where the last time they lost the Final was to Liverpool and it was also in Paris. This current LFC also has a habit of never giving up like this Madrid team.

This is gonna be 2 mentality monster teams with history fighting in the Final. Gonna hope for the Reds winning it
Both the PL title and the Serie A title are still contented!
- Man City vs Liverpoool
- Ac Milan vs Inter Milan

Who will win?
Nah city will win pl our draw with spurs kinda sealed the title.

We should focus on beating real madrid in cl.
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fuck I hate tottenham
the thought of them almost winning that made me physically ill.
All i wanna say is relegate the toffees.