Anime & Manga General OP Shipping Thread

That's a matter of debate, it's not cringe, seems like you're forcible making it out to be. I'm not the only one who ships them, so again it's not out of left field.
What's cringe is shipping her with Aokiji, the man who helped murder her Island. Don't be a hypocrite now.
Sorry but I'm only into canon ships; Robin wants Franky's robo-rod and Oda's gonna give her what she wants with the way things are going
Accusing me of random bullshit doesn't change the fact that what I've said about Robin being into Franky, and oda pushing that ship in the canon material is true. What was I deflecting when you accused me of it when I wrote that comment? Did I deflect your shitty crackship back into the trash?
So color pages are canon now? First I've heard of this. Deflecting isn't what you think it is. Maybe learn something before whining about others.

The mere fact that your words are painting a picture that you are an aggressive person. I've said this before, this thread is for shipping. If you cant handle other people having a differing opinion on ships, this place might be to much for an emotionally unbalanced person such as yourself.
You seem to have it out for me, for some reason. Care to explain...
Luffy x Hancock
Zoro x Hiyori
Nami x Sanji
Usop x Kaya
Sanji x Nami
Chopper x Carrot
Robin x Dragon
Franky x Twins Square hair girls (I wonder Franky thing is still original or cyborg need confirmation from Robin Pre TS. Post TS no one knew)
Brooks is a bone don't have that thing anymore
Jinbei x Mdm Shirley
Sabo x Koala
Mihawk x Perona
Smoker x Tashigi
Vivi x Kohza