Anime & Manga General OP Shipping Thread


Lazy is the way
Nice ones but I cannot see Smoker with anyone else than Hina.
There are some who ship Belle-Mère with Roccinante.
They were alive around the same time so why not.

Smoker / Belle-mère is impossible with the time line

Maybe Smoker with miss double finger can be great (Mr.1 partner) : she has 28, she is quite hot, can fight, seems independant, not shy, and she runs a bar haha.

Cyrus the Cactus

Mihawk Reigns Supreme
I do think that’s the biggest issue in Op these days. The characters are taking a back seat to arc-characters and one off villains.

But nothing will touch Nami x Luffy in terms of development and sincerity
Luffy and Zoro's bromance is pretty good too.

Nice one but Smoker x Hina is still the OTP.

I wouldn't be against King x Smoothie.
I actually kinda like King x Smoothie. I wonder if them getting hitched is a part of the alliance between the two lol

And I agree with @TheAncientCenturion about Luffy x Nami. Seems like the best ship

Sanji x Pudding grew on me

Zoro x Perona, Tashigi, and Hiyori. 3 ladies for the 3 sword user :pepedoffy: