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Will of D
I think Joyboy was the first in this name. Hearing the voice of all things in inherited by ancestry lottery like other clans like Conqueror's Haki (That's why Law couldn't hear Zunesha). And because of it, Joyboy became a key figure in that Void Century War as the glue that brought all crucial people together.

Joyboy and 4 Races/Clans
If we pattern it to how Luffy's personality is (and Roger's), Joyboy is a charismatic person. That would easily explain how the Fishmen Race, Kozuki Clan, and Minks got connected. I think there's a last race/clan that will be involved in this. The existance of Lunarians and how they lived above the wall kinda gave me the idea. This would be a key point in my thoughts on the creation of the Poneglyphs and guarding the ancient weapons.

Road Poneglyphs
All 4 were passed down to each ally clan/race to guard:

1 in Wano (Kozuki)
1 in Zou (Minks)
1 in Fishman Island
1 with "man marked by flames" - last race

*not sure if the one in Big Mom's vault is the one from Fishmen Island or the one she had that Roger stole a copy of. That's important to note because if it's not from FI, then the last one was stolen from FI.*

I think, and some do as well, the last one is not in any sea, but in the sky or somewhere above. That's why info on it is rare. And if the last race is a Lunarian or similar, that would work. Tbh, "marked by flames" does not sound like a scar to me. But that's me lol.

Whatever the race/clan of that person was, I strongly believe it's someone who lived above the wall or a descendant of. Like a rouge or revolutionary that wanted to change the world and teamed up with Joyboy and the rest. Might be the Nefertaris for all we know. Haha.

I also think the idea of making them was from that last race/clan living above the wall; create a block/s to record the history and what the weapons are for, hide it in an island no one with log pose has ever reached (Raftel), and create blocks that lead to it.

And I think they're red because the stones used were from the Red Line. I would not be surprised if the one/s in Raftel would be red as well. The rest of the Poneglyphs w/c contained info about these 4 were then created below after and passed on to related clans.

Ancient Weapons and Noah
Poseidon (being a living being) was the first that stirred the idea for Pluton and Uranus. Pluton is a ship created by a Fishman clan (Tom's lineage) and is given to Kozuki to guard (they already had Noah). Uranus, w/c we don't have any solid info on, if the direct connotation of the name applies, it is related to the sky or kept there by the last race/clan I mentioned. Zunesha is needed in wano either to destroy the enclosure and "open" it, or pull Pluton out. Either way, Zunesha can be considered an ancient weapon himself.

Joyboy can hear the voice of all things but he cannot communicate. Hence, the partnership between those races/clans. Poseidon to the Sea Kings, Kozuki to Zunesha. And whatever Uranus is.

Noah, again as the direct connotation, is the ark to carry all Fishmen people above. OR to preserve all of their allies from the events of the pre-empted battle. Joyboy's promise is freedom for them. No discremination and free to live above the sea. Which he was not able to fulfill, hence the apology.

Luffy's Dream
Now, we know that becoming the Pirate King is just a step towards Luffy's actual dream. If nothing is more important to him than being free (not Eren levels lol), it won't be so farfetched that his dream is freedom for all in all sense. No anarchy, no opression, living abundantly with food, and freedom to dream. And no wall to divide. If Roger did say the exact thing, and we recall Whitebeard's response of it being a child's fantasy, kinda works.

Along with the oldest OP theory out there, I was also thinking he'd want to bring down the Red Line so no one will be able to live above. That would be funny to people who hear it, yeah? 😆

Which can also be Joyboy's goal. Toppling down the opressors living above the wall. Their battle was pre-empted due to a key incident which the WG is so desparate in hiding. If that incident is assasination of a that last race/clan (which would be a noble if they lived above the wall), the desparation to hide it would make sense along with the means to start another one.

Now, I know Luffy said he doesn't want to conquer anything back in Sabaody. But again, "the pirate king is the free-est person in all seas" was his reason. If the WG gets in the way of that, you know what he'll do. Hehe. He's not the complete rendition of Joyboy so things won't be exactly aligned. But it's similar to its core.

Promised Time
Oden did account that the promised time would be 20 years after based on Sharley's prediction. Which I think was backed by what they learned after Raftel. Roger, being a "D" was too early as Poseidon ain't born yet, so the events they learned of won't come to pass until then. And the Minks were also waiting for hundreds of years as they're always missing either the mermaid princess with Poseidon's power, or a Kozuki that can communicate, or that "D" to bring them together.

It's also worth noting that Toki came from Wano 800 years ago. And fatefully met Oden and birthed Momonosuke, which posses the ability to talk to Zuneshia and is now with Luffy. If Toki's parents were allies of Joyboy and they were aware of his return, Toki was sent to ensure Momo is born to complete the ensemble.

But hey, it's Oda-sama. We won't know until then. I barely even scratched the entire plot. Haha.

Note: I didn't read all of the fan theories penned prior to this so if it sounded similar to anyone's, cheers!

Thank you for reading! 😁
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