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My first console was a ps3 or the orginal Xbox....cant remember. My family's first console was the Sega. My first game I remember that I actually liked was probably Crash Twinsanity. My most recent purchase is MK11 which I enjoy. I probably feel the most wasted with Jump Force, which was a pretty shitty fighting game tbh.

My favourite genre is either Open World Adventure/Action or Fighting games. My least favourite is Sports. I enjoy Horror and Racing games tho but would unlikely buy it.

I normally sell the games I get tired of to get money to buy new games I'm excited for. The longest running titles ive bought over the years is the Arkham Series or the Naruto Storm.

I've also owned a Gameboy and a PsP.

Welp I think that's all I got to say. I dont think its possible for me to name all the games I've played. I cant remember all of them at all. Even though I play a lot....I dont feel like a gamer at all lol. Probably because its what I do in my spare time. And I have a lot right now but it will end soon when College starts again.


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New combat system? What did they change? Plot is still the same as the original?

To be honest I would have liked Squarenix to risk a bit and restart where they left with ffx or even xii, it had its good perks despite all. Not remake their best sellers in a new fancy dress.
They made it real action and turn based system has been partially removed :cheers:
So, a question. If I've never played the first two Witcher games, will I be too out of the loop for #3?
No way! You might be missing some of the plot, but you could easily read that up. I've startet my own run on a friend's version (mostly watched him play, though) and enjoyed it greatly despite never even having seen any gameplay from the first two.

Anyone out there who enjoyed the PS2 Splinter Cell games? Especially Chaos Theory.. inclined to restart the PS3 "remastered" version. Wish there were more stealth games like this one these days, with extremely slow pacing and that overall feeling of silence and tension.
Anybody here remembers the famous user from gamefaqs, VeghEsther?

The one who loves Knights of The Round so bad "I will KoTR Carry Armor and every boss onwards" in FF7 threads.
The one who loves Lionheart in disc 1 to kill Tonberries in FF8 threads.
The one who kills 1000000 Grand Dragons to level up to max level in FF9 threads.
The one who abuses Bloody Armor trick and "my guts never help me Indalecio's Earthquake always hits me for 9999 so I use Bloody Armor and let Opera spam healing star" in Star Ocean 2 threads.

He was like the equivalent of Jo_Ndule or MonsterZoro in OJ, if not far more famous because Gamefaqs site run far longer than OJ.