Versus Battle Genos runs a Cadres Gauntlet

I believe Genos loses almkst all of these except:
1. ENW: Genos is a very good match-up for ENW. The reason the S class struggled against ENW was because they lacked the AoE attacks that Genos specialises in. Child Emperor's strategy was to make ENW reduce it's mass so that King could vapourise it with his cannon. Current Genos with his 10 second mode can contest Psykorochis blasts.

Besides Tats and Metal Knight, Genos is the best at AoE firepower. Even during the HoE arc, his blasts were capable of levelling mountains, so I think current Genos can take this but loses a couple of limbs in the process.

2. Gums: Gums swallows Genos, leading to the Elder centipede situation where Genos torches Gums' insides, easy win for Genos.

3.Bakuzan: Nothing special about Bakuzan, 10 second mode claps

4. Fuhrer Ugly: This one I'm not quite sure on but FU isn't that impressive in the webcomic, so I think 10 second mode can take this again.