Versus Battle Geralt vs kingdom

This is Geralt from the netflix show
1: Rinko
2: Bajio in his animal form
3: Gyu'un
4: Kyou Kai
5: Houken
Round 1: he can't use magic spells but everything else is allowed
Round 2: he can use magic

They start 10 meters away from each other and on foot
Bonus round: Vesemir helps Geralt


Lazy is the way
Yeah Geralt is strong no doubt but without magic he will lose against all of them. They can all destroy multiple fighters in one blow and are all superhuman. Houken is a monster and Kyoukai is so fast. Baijo and Gyou'un strike like madman too.

With magic signs allowed he can likely beat the 1,2, and 3. But Kyoukai and Houken are maybe still too much. I dont know how strong is magic really is but I wont be shocked if Geralt can now win this. Kyoukai and Houken have some kind of magic too.