Theory God Valley is based on Wizard of Oz settings


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If you ever watched Wizard of OZ i would recommend you to watch it , it was cinematic cult back in early 20th century .

Quotes from Wiki

Located in the center of the Land of Oz, the Emerald City is the end of the famous yellow brick road, which begins in Munchkin Country. In the center of the Emerald City is the Royal Palace of Oz. The Oz books generally describe the city as being built of green glass, emeralds, and other jewels."

However there is metaphor lying behind the city of OZ architecture which akins to being "Glorious place on Earth " primarily because of its green marbell walls surrounding the city .

So what's the connection to One piece story line and why Oda has taken inspiration from an old movie ?

A: If you ever read Wizard of OZ book , it describes about the ruler "wizard of Oz" himself who reclusive stayed in the chamber for many years .

-> In the movie the Wizard was a shape shifter who appeared as different characters in the story , the Wizard's character was pretty much unknown to people .

It makes you think he is pretty much similar to Im who is currently ruler of the world and hidden from the world , the very folklore of the storyline of Wizard himself .

Q. Did Rock actually uncovered something about Emerald city and is it possible the city of initially home to 20 kings ?

A: Again very speculative part fo the story , I am certain the place was origins of Im whee is originally from . This gives me enough reason why Kaido was inspired from "God valley " that he built his own version of island called Onigashima where people come there to worship him every year .

It 's possible Gorosei and celestial dragon visits the place often to remember their victory over Joyboy's army and Rocks learnt about this place and decides to invade the country Im originally came from .

Why it connects with Wizard of OZ and the connection to Ancient kingdom ?
A: In the story of Oz , it mentions the emerald city was originally built by someone named Pastoria who was called "lost king " , the lore describes Paster met a guy descending from the cloud named Oscar (The wizard) , who descends from large air ballon [ This fits well when Ancient kingdom from moon left their country to meet people of Earth ] general people of the kingdom and witches never saw the invention Oscar mesmerizes them . They built cult around him and construct emerald city on his very idea , gullible people they were but they believed him and his promises .

You might think what does it have to do with One piece ?

It has everything to do with it , when Sengoku mentions about God Valley , the structure of place and lore fits akin to Emerald city and even bellamy mentions it in the Jaya Arc .

We got decent confirmation from Cover story of Enel back story in moon that the Ancient rulers decides to abandon the moon kingdom for earth , so we dont know the exact reason why Moon was left to fringe pirates but its possible the rulers exploited the natural resources of the country and when it decayed they abandoned it .

Is Im based on "Oscar Diggs " The Wizard himself ?

A: I definately see the similarity because both of them are shredded in mystery and not being noticeable in the castles suggest to me he could be shapeshifter , that why no one saw him in the castle . Which points to me why is Im doing all this maybe we will learn from due corse .

I generally believe he is fraud who is just bidding his time and creating World Govt was like mirage of his lies so that they dont learn of his past exploits . Rocks probably learnt the entire truth and decides to invade the God valley to expose him . Then Rocks must be good guy ? Why did Roger help Garp to defeat him .

Again we are going to speculation part of story Rocks was evil who wanted pirate utopia and wants them to rule the world he is opposite of what Roger believes (similar to luffy and shanks ) .

Will God valley play huge role in upcoming story ?

A: This suggest to me why kaido himself wants to be Ruler of the world , he built a country "Onigashima" and forced people of wano to treat him as deity and God . Kaido was probably inspired from God valley surrounding and Im creating the cult around the people he had .

Its possible Kaido knows something about the Emerald city and possibility of Ancient weapon Uranus (God of Sky ) fits well with the story of Enel's storyline . Kaido is probably planning to invade God valley again thats why he needs big mom's help . This will be very similar to what happened 40 years ago and history will repeat again .

The Ancient kingdom ,Ohara professor was about to mention has to do with "Joyboy's kingdom " maybe the God valley originally had another name and Gorosei forbid the use of it because it connects to Laugh tale island .
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Fallen Prince

Now Oda knows, he's going to change God Valley
I am looking at different way what if Im built World government just to cover up his lies , Maybe Joyboy found out he was a fraudster and basically he built the world just like a mirage of Oz settings where people can live in ignorance .

It makes sense why Kaido wants to be ruler of the world partly because of cult Im built . It makes me certain Kaido and Big mom know about Im's identity (from Rocks) no wonder they need Ancient weapon which Joy boy failed to use it against Im and his cronies.
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PS: Maybe Blackbeard will invade Mariejoa given if admirals leaves the country and divert their attention to Wano .

It makes sense Blackbeard has eyes on his thrones , he wants to be ruler of the world . By killing Im he will be ruler of the world .
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