Future Events Gorosei Matchup

I love matchup predictions.

Usopp (with help) vs Ju Peter (throwback to his fight in alabasta)
Zoro vs Nasujuro
Sabo vs Warcury (Oden parallel)
Sanji vs Mars
Kuma vs Saturn
Usopp fights Mercury
Mercury takes the form of a Fengxi, a wild boar from Chinese mythology. In mythology the Fengxi was killed by the legendary archer Hou Yi who was a god of archery who descended down to earth.
Sandworm = manipulates sand
Jinbe = manipulates water

Also if Oda was inspired by Dune, the way you can kill the sand worms in Dune is by drowning them.
Sandworm likes to eat like Luffy.
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Ju Peter being a worm makes sense with agriculture theme
Yeah also it make sense that agriculture God will fight Luffy
Ok some alternative for the final battle against WG:

Luffy vs Imu (duh)

Sanji vs Ju Peter (Cook vs Guy who is in charge of food production)
Zoro vs Nusjuro (Swordsmen duh)
Law vs Mars (I have a feeling Mars had his hands in the destruction of Flevance; as Godhead of Enviroment he had probably interest in the Amber Lead)
Kid vs Saturn (Mechanic vs Scientist)
Koby vs Warcury (Honest Justice vs Godhead of "Justice")