GOTY 2022

What game will be the GOTY 2022 ?

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Depends on what they do with the games. For GOW Ragnarok we only have a teaser, for Elder Ring a trailer and for BOTW 2 a gameplay trailer so judging right now wouldn't be a good idea.

Wonderful World

Probably BotW 2 in terms of the amount of Switch units in the ecosystem. The other are definitely close contenders.

Wonderful World

hmm maybe it's first time i heard about this one, it looks great .
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well don't play it at first
this is my rule number one
i don't play single player game at first

most of games now are half done
We'll see, but I know I'll probably be too weak to resist.:josad:

I doubt the launch will be anywhere as bad as Cyberpunk, but we'll see.

Wonderful World

Is cyperpunk fixed? Last time I played the police would spam at random beside me. Fun times:josad:
Lmao, nothing like them spawning behind the middle of the desert.

It's a lot better on PC, but I'm not sure about consoles. It's still not the game the trailers depicted, though.