Hello everyone

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Jew D. Boy

Tough, Muscular Dude
You're not a mod lol. All the mods have a #008000 coloured usernamed and you have a #39FF14 coloured username.

Nice try lol.
Dammit, I was betrayed by the facts once again...I’ll remember this when I’m eventually promoted :crocusuh:
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No problem. Jew D has had his posting rights restricted in this thread as of now. If you need something in that vein being taken care of do not hesitate to contact me.
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By the way, I am just messing around. Welcome again.
You don’t have the balls to hurt me like that, Light!!
Thanks for the welcome everyone, I appreciate it. Friendly community here. :)

Simp Detector is off the charts here..
I'm a guy so I doubt anyone is gonna be simping for me lol. Atleast I hope nobody thinks I'm a girl just because of my avatar, it's just a random picture I found on DeviantArt.

EDIT: gonna change my avatar to a guy so there's zero confusion
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