How do you deal with depression??

It depends. You are talking about clinical depression which is a disorder or the casual light version that all people suffer from, from times to times?
If its the first, it takes many years(at least a decade) to overcome it. So you cant truly deal with it, just ignore it as much as you can.
If its the second, with songs mostly.

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Oh you mean the part about the doctor?
yeah especially if someone is not expressive
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Look at us bonding over depression. We should make a club! :catpole:
yeah nee lets do it xD


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Or you know what? We could also make a whole forum where we open a dedicated thread about overcoming depression. We can also make threads about other stuff such as shitposting and maybe talk about anime. You ever heard of that manga One Piece?
We should also make a Zoro v Sanji thread. That really helps with depression. xD


Of course you need to figure out the trigger for your depression, or when it's caused by a chemicial inbalance you may need medication, however, here are some tips to make it easier to deal with it:
- Practice Meditation
- Practice Mindfullness
- Working out to the point you feel exhausted-> distracts you from whatever makes you feel depressed, releases certain hormones that effects your mood positively (listen to something that pumps you up can make that experience even better and improve your performance)
- Do sprints, especially if you're male, sprints or HIIT boosts your testosterone level a lot and improves your mood by doing so
- Cold showers (Even better if you do it after you worked out)
- walks in nature, preferably expose yourself to the sun
- If you really feel hungry, go for a nutrious meal you like and avoid extreme amount of sugar
- Socialize, a phone call works too, but preferably in person cause certain hormones will be released
- Help someone
- complete a task or more if you manage to do it, can be the simplest things
- There is something called neuro plasticity (brain plasticity), therefore as unrealistic it sounds for someone depressed, positive thinking (takes time of course)
- Build a routine, work on it- one step at a time
- Go for a hobby, though if you feel depressed, in that moment I wouldn't recommend gaming unless it's a game that doesn't stress you out
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I want to confront it to deal with it as wholly as i can. If it's a workplace thing, i search for the solution that benefits my career. If it's a relationship thing, i confront my girl and try to be open about it. Thats about it, since what's causing depression other than work and relationships (with friend, wife, husband, gfs) ? I can't find any other.

When those problems requires time to solve, i like being depressed alone in the darkness, asking help from an exalted, unseen deity figure.
Play with my Pets.
Listen to Music.
Take a scenic drive or walk.

Oh, and as far as work goes 3 yrs ago I worked at a high stress job (the pay and benefits were great), but it was so stressful and negative I became very depressed that I had to be put on Zoloft. I quit the job and found another that pays less, but I enjoy. Depression is much better. If you hate your job, for your own mental health quit it asap. It ain't worth it.
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Read a Bible;
Going to gym;
And last one but not least, sex with your gf helps you know; it's not about stress realease, but doing something like will always help you to feel better, that your life not ended...and there are things which made your gf love you.

But ofc depression is bad usually it could come from problems that are beyond solving in near future, while then I'm just accepting that factor that nothing will change...amd finding something good in my life.
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Vacation is really good option if you have depression, but usually if you have depression, in your situation it could be impossible to go on vacation.
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