How do you feel about the series after the basement reveal?

Did you like the new direction of the series?

  • Yes, I love it!

    Votes: 10 52.6%
  • It's alright

    Votes: 6 31.6%
  • I did not like it but will keep reading

    Votes: 1 5.3%
  • I did not like it and will drop the series

    Votes: 2 10.5%

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It all began back then when Rod Reiss and death of Erwin Smith the series declined in action and it become a boring political debate

the story took nothing new a recycled version of a feud between two folks hating each other due ethnic reasons

WOW thats something new we never had such story line the creator did shot in his own back its has heavily become politcal

Politicans are boring in real life and this is manga has become like that it could all be solved with diplomatics

the truth wasnt really shocking

Now in the endphase Eren is right it has become do or die his friends are stupid I hope they die with the enemy

If Eren didnt do that Paradise will be wiped out how can his friends still torment Eren you know it when they would all die from there bitter enemies
I didn't like it so much but to say the truth I have never been a fan of AOT. The first part was good: the titans, what are they? People who can turn in titans, nice fights (female titan). A good portion of mistery , fights, the plot seemed good. And I enjoyed reading it each week then it switched a bit on the politcals in exchange for fights and also added a lot of text to explain all the politics and.. If it is HxH I can gladly accept it (also Tohashi always accompains it with some other good cherries to keep the reader hooked) but in AOT we get just chapters of politics. At that point I started to not read it each week but only time to time. There were some good moments like Eren paying back the attacking nation (Marley? Eldia?) after the time skip but it still wasn't enough to hook me back. Now I'm giving a read if I happen on it on a manga site just to see the ending but I'm not thrilled or anything.

Also if I recall correctly when it just come out this manga was for a short period the ahit in Japan (car advertaisments and all) but that didn't last long. Was this switch that caused its downfall in popularity?
I liked it. The story became more complex and Eren also improved as a character. Sometimes I do miss the post Apocalyptic vibe, but as a story, it's so much better after the basement reveal.