Future Events How mad would you be if Oda ended both Zoro's and Sanji's fight in the same chapter?

What do you think about the idea of Oda finishing both Zoro's and Sanji's fight in the same chapter?

  • I'm not a Zoro or Sanji fanboy and i would be mad!

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I would say I don't mind but I feel like if it did happen people would use it for certain agendas so I'm just gonna say I would rather them get separate chapters
The only people who love this idea are the ones who view Zoro and Sanji as clones of one another.
Zoro is Wing 1, and Sanji is Wing 2, and nothing else.


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Normally I won't give a shit, but then I realized that this might be the chance for Oda to redeem himself. Imagine two big ass double spreads with mirror parallels of Zoro beating King and Sanji beating Queen. That would be dope. But I also want Zoro and Sanji to have their own named chapters too. If Oda can creates NOT ONE, NOT TWO, BUT THREE double spreads for freaking Killer vs Hawkins chapter then I don't see why Oda can't do the same for his two most popular characters in the show. But time will tell.
I hope Oda will be done with paralleling them.

The wings thing was a bit excessive imo.:cheers:
I would find ok if he give at least one more individual chapter for each fight before.

Something like:
>Sanji vs Queen chapter
>Zoro vs King chapter
>End of the fight chapter

But would also be cool if insted of one chapter to end both the fights, he give a individual chapter for each one, to give more drama to a final page of Queen/King being defeated, while in a longe chapter he would have to change scenes a lot.

Crazy how some retards dont want it just because would paralel each other and make them insecure that the fictional character they love isnt as strong as they think in theirs headcanons, like Oda hasnt been paraleling the two since the start If the manga hahahaha
I dont know if the fight is presented well i would applaud. Seriously it will never happen at same time.

Its clear oda plans to finish one of the fight early thats how he create the pattern. I suspect he will likely sanji after Zoro.