Questions & Mysteries How many people would you have let Kabuto use Edo Tensei on?

A common complaint of the war arc is that the excessive amount of Edo Tensei summons bloated the arc too much. I would have imposed a population cap on the amount of people Kabuto can use Edo Tensei on, and I think the following people are the only ones who should have been reanimated:

The Akatsuki

The strongest Kage of each village (excluding the Hokage), so Muu, the 3rd Raikage, the 3rd Kazekage, and the 2nd Mizukage. I don’t get why Kabuto chose to reanimate Rasa instead of the 3rd Kazekage when the 3rd was stated to be the strongest. Obviously Kishimoto did it to give Gaara an emotional fight, but it doesn’t make much sense from an in-universe perspective).

A famous non-Kage shinobi from each village. For Iwagakure, do the Explosion Release guy (don’t remember his name) since I don’t think we were ever introduced to a non-Kage, non-Akatsuki Iwagakure shinobi that was stronger. For Sunagakure, do the Scorch Release girl. For Kumogakure, do Kinkaku and Ginkaku. I don’t really like them, but Kishi does need a way to asspull the Ten Tails being revived without Naruto losing Kurama. Maybe they could just be combined into one character. For Kirigakure, do Mangetsu since he was the leader of the Seven Swordsmen. Zabuza may make more sense from a fanservice perspective, but Mangetsu is the more logical choice for Kabuto to make. For Konohagakure, do Sakumo, Kakashi’s dad.

The Jinchuriki don’t need to be revived. Obito can just control the Tailed Beasts directly, and the Jinchuriki by themselves are trash, except for Yagura. Honestly wouldn’t mind if Kishimoto just skipped the BM Naruto vs Tailed Beasts fight entirely since it was a powerscaling nightmare with half of Kurama inexplicably being much stronger than every other Tailed Beast. Even if we follow the logic of more tails = more power, why was just half of Kurama so much stronger than Gyuki?
Dont see the 30 Edo Tensei Kabuto used as a problem, the 80.000 ninja Kishimoto pulled from his ass vs the 100.000 Zetsu clones were the big shit of the war and the few deaths were the problem to me.

If the war where to be 30 elite immortal Edos, Kabuto, Obito, Spiral Zetsu, Bijuus, Gedo Mazo and Madara vs like 10000 ninja/samurai, with no Zetsu clones, Kishi could make good fights for the main characters, and focus more on the later part of Naruto/Sasuke and just some main guys(Bee/Guy/Kakashi/Gaara/etc) vs Obito and Madara, without that bunch of randons there's doing nothing.

I would divide them in only 3 division insted of 5, two wings under Kakashi and Darui and a main division under Gaara, the Gaara one fight the Kages the same way happend in the manga, while u divide the other edos between the two division based on with who they could have good fights after killing some randons, much like the Ino-Shika-Cho vs Asuma, Darui vs Gin/Kin, Kakashi vs Zabuza/Haku, Hanzo vs Mifune, other fights could be:
-Lee vs Kimimaru
-Neji and Hinata vs Neji dad
-Guy vs the 7swordsmans that killed his Father
-Choujuro vs Mugetsu

And them add small skirmishs of the guys from Konoha 11(Kiba, Tenten, Shino, Sai) and other characters we have seen through the story(Temari, Omoi, Karui, etc) fighting the other Edos, and use the immortality of the Edos to make the Alliance get to a realy small number, kill all the Kages besides Gaara in the fight against Madada, and use the fights agaisnt the Edos before to already build up Choujuro, Darui and Kurotsuchi to be the after war Kages, them make Gaara lead the final remanants of the Alliance (like 2000 ninjas) to where Naruto, Bee, Guy and Kakashi vs Madara and Obito was happening.

Also kill Kabuto. WTF was that.